A fireside chat with Detroit techno pioneer Derrick May

Movement festival co-founder expounds on music, fellow Detroit artist Juan Atkins, and slippers.



Detroit techno pioneer Derrick May always has something to say. While frequenting his favorite coffee shop, May would breakdown his views of everything from money to politics to raising children. He was so full of passion and sincerity. And also really funny. He was never one to hide his views from anyone, so filmmakers Chris Hersey and Zach Weedon decided that there was no better way for people to see Derrick and his musings than to put him in front of a fire and feed him wine. Two bottles in, they got what they wanted.

As we all rest from this year’s Movement festival in Detroit, let us enjoy an interview from techno great and Movement co-founder Derrick May as he expounds on music, meeting Juan Atkins, and slippers.


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