Rare footage of Donald Byrd performing the Larry Mizell–penned “Black Byrd”




Gilles Peterson has dug up some very rare footage from the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1973 with Donald Byrd and his band (including two musicians from the Blackbyrds: Allan Barnes with a crazy tenor solo and Kevin Toney on the Rhodes). It’s a special day when we can witness the classic Mizell Brothers sound in action. In fact, Larry (who penned this and every track on the album Black Byrd) can be seen tapping out the main notes on the synthesizer, while his brother Fonce is up front accompanying Byrd with an extra trumpet. Note Nathan Davis (If) up front on soprano! Guitarist Barney Perry, drummer Keith Killgo, and the great Latin percussionist Ray Armando round out the band. This is fire.



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  1. Citrus Sun who are members of the group Incognito + Jim Mullen & Galliano’s Valerie Etienne will be playing a tribute to Donald Byrd in their set at London’s Jazz Cafe on Thursday the 11th of December.
    Songs will include “LOVE HAS COME AROUND”, “WIND PARADE”, “PLACES & SPACES”, “DOMINOES”, “THINK TWICE” and many more.

    Angelina O'Neil

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