Rare Roy Ayers performance of “Vibrations” from 1976 + Soul Train clips



We’d like to take this time to admonish the YouTube nation for its lack of classic, live performances from Roy Ayers. There are plenty of handheld cellphone videos and VHS performances from the past two and a half decades, as the vibraphonist/singer has been touring relentlessly. But there are surprisingly few classic performances available, and that really makes us sad.

Above is a rare performance of his band during the 1970s. Here they run through the jazzy title cut “Vibrations.”

While we were actually searching for both “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” and “Searching,” we found this clip from Soul Train where Ayers and the band actually “perform” both songs, but as we all know, Soul Train was notorious for having their acts lipsync. These bands had to bother setting up all of their equipment but not really play (or play over the original recording, as the case may be). Still, it’s great to see what the band looked like live during those days.


But probably the best clip we found is from this 1986 episode of Soul Train where Roy and crew lipsync their way through “Hot” from his slept-on LP You Might Be Surprised. Enjoy!

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