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illustration by Overton Lloyd via Instagram

illustration by Overton Lloyd via Instagram

P-Funk bassist Cordell “Boogie” Mosson passed away on April 18, 2013, at the age of sixty.

As a native of Plainfield, New Jersey, Mosson and childhood friend Garry “DiaperMan” Shider met George Clinton at the neighborhood barbershop.

In Issue 18, writer Matt Rogers asked Shider about the experience of hanging out at Clinton’s shop:

“Everybody did that that was in Plainfield, dude!” Shider said. “Kept you off the streets. That was the spot. Eventually, after the barbershop, we had the Neighborhood House, the King Center, the Y, the Freedom House. Community centers, basically. My first rock and roll band—me and Boogie’s—was at the King Center. The director bought us a bunch of equipment, ’cause he knew we liked to play. I was thirteen maybe. It was myself, Cordell Mosson, Leroy Williams, Brian Watkins, Michael Arendale—that was the nucleus. We was playing anything that was on the radio, dude; we was the band! Goin’ around to all the correctional centers and schools to perform.”

And how did you meet Cordell?

“I’ve been knowing that little dude since we were three years old,” Shider replied. “He lived around the corner. We were babies together. All our career, we’ve been together. Boogie and me know each other like the back of our hands. Two peas in a pod. You always say, ‘Where’s Boogie and Garry?’ Never just one of us. He was always on bass, but at the King Center he was the drummer. We was trying to put a band together; we were taking hubcaps, radios, turning magazines around to make a microphone—we was slumming then, slumming hard. My brother—he used to sit down when the Beatles came around and just drum—drum on drums he made out of paper, practicing, saying, ‘Yeah we gonna have us a group, y’all!’ We had the family band at the church, and we went around to other churches to perform. In fact, we were gonna make gospel records before I got into the rock and roll, got into this funk stuff. My father was finished with me. I blew the whole shot!”

Thanks to the brilliant Overton Lloyd via Instagram for the illustration of Boogie Mosson.


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