Rodger “Uncle Jamm” Clayton



Legendary West Coast hip-hop promoter Rodger “Uncle Jamm” Clayton died of a heart attack on October 10.

Clayton brought Uncle Jamm’s Army, his collective of fatigues-clad hip-hop DJs, to various auditoriums around L.A. in the early ’80s. When L.A. club Radio faded, Uncle Jamm’s Army threw parties for the underage crowd where one could hear the likes of Bobcat, Egyptian Lover, and Clayton spinning early hip-hop records. Clayton also brought acts like Run-DMC and Whodini to the West Coast during this time.

“They were the biggest thing going,” says Ice-T in Issue 41. “In L.A., you had the clubs, which the adults could go to, but if you were under twenty-one years old or on that scene, you would want to go to Uncle Jamm’s Army.”


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