Kendra Morris “Concrete Waves”

World Premiere Music Video


Written, directed, and edited by Nick Sasso.

Produced by Wax Poetics, Nick Sasso, and Casa de Luz.
© 2011 Wax Poetics and M Side Productions.

Shot on location in New York City.

Forthcoming Kendra Morris LP on Wax Poetics Records spring 2012.

Purchase the official Serato Control Vinyl 12-inch in limited-edition “blue concrete swirl.”

Purchase the “Concrete Waves” Digital EP with the “DJ Premier 320 Remix.”


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6 Responses

  1. cool stuff!

  2. great one! glad to see Wax Poetics produce good and new talents!

  3. cool. only got a little idea on this track of what her voice is like but sounds promising. looking forward to hearing her and the band stretch out on the album. good luck!

  4. Fantastic voice, soft and sultry to powerful, Amazing…. looking forward to the release

    – 70smusicfilm
  5. good muzik, what more can i say!!! q;-j

    – qwelian

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