Watch Don Cornelius get down in the best Soul Train line ever



Don Cornelius

In what may be the greatest Soul Train clip ever, the late Soul Train impresario Don Cornelius boogies his way down the line not once, but twice! In his only appearance on the line in the history of the show, Don was evidently inspired by the Fred Wesley & the JB’s track “Doing It to Death” and the presence of the Supremes to bust a few moves to the delight of the crowd. A little investigative research reveals that the clip appears to be from the May 12, 1973, episode from the second season of the show. It makes sense, as “Doing It to Death” had just been released in April and was steadily making its way up the Billboard soul singles chart. has the full story, and it appears Mary Wilson of the Supremes really wanted to go down the line and asked Don if he would join her. After refusing at first, Don eventually caved in and even tried to bust the Funky Chicken at one point. He returns a second time with Supremes members Lynda Lawrence and Jean Terrell, and flails a bit trying to do some sort of split. Even Don cherished the moment decades later, calling the moment a “classic piece of tape.”



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  1. Love it, those were the days. I swear I was born to late!!! lol

  2. That’s so awesome! I wish people still danced & dressed like that.

  3. yes, I totally agree, I wish people still danced & dressed like that.

    – jasmine torres

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