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Gang Starr Daily Operation 25th Anniversary Mixtape

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By Wax Poetics

<i>Daily Operation</i> mixtape
Daily Operation mixtape

Released May 5, 1992, Gang Starr’s Daily Operation—the third LP of one of hip-hop’s most revered and beloved duos—features classic joints such as “Take It Personal” and “Ex-Girl to Next Girl.”

In collaboration with WhoSampled and Wax Poetics, DJ Chris Read has crafted yet another exclusive mixtape featuring album tracks, alternate versions, and original sample material.

Artwork : Leon Nockolds


  1. The Cannonball Adderley Quintet “Fun” [Extract] (sampled in “The Place Where We Dwell”)
  2. Gang Starr “The Place Where We Dwell” [Instrumental]
  3. Chris Read “Theme #3” [Scratchapella]
  4. Gang Starr “Stay Tuned”
  5. Gang Starr 1991 Interview Extract
  6. Ceasar Frazier “Funk It Up” (sampled in “Ex Girl to Next Girl”)
  7. BDP “Criminal Minded” [Extract] (sampled in “Ex Girl to Next Girl”)
  8. Gang Starr “Ex Girl to Next Girl”
  9. Johnny Hammond “Big Sur Suite” (sampled in “24-7/365”)
  10. Gang Starr 1991 Interview Extract
  11. Aretha Franklin “Young, Gifted and Black” (sampled in “92 Interlude”)
  12. Gang Starr “92 Interlude”
  13. The Crusaders “In the Middle of the River” (sampled in “No Shame in My Game”)
  14. Gang Starr “No Shame in My Game”
  15. Leaders of the New School “Sobb Story” [Extract] (sampled in “No Shame in My Game”)
  16. Eddie Hazel “Frantic Moment” (sampled in “Take Two and Pass”)
  17. Gang Starr “Take Two and Pass”
  18. Juice Crew All Stars “Juice Crew All Stars” [Extract] (sampled in “Take Two and Pass”)
  19. Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band “High as Apple Pie Slice II” (sampled in “Conspiracy”)
  20. Gang Starr “Conspiracy”
  21. Gang Starr “2 Deep”
  22. Gang Starr “Hardcore Composer”
  23. Jungle Brothers “Straight Out the Jungle” [Extract] (sampled in “Hardcore Composer”)
  24. Sugar Billy Garner “I Got Some” (sampled in “B.Y.S.”)
  25. Gang Starr “B.Y.S.”
  26. Gang Starr “Flip the Script”
  27. Ahmad Jamal “Misdemeanor” (sampled in “Soliloquy of Chaos”)
  28. Gang Starr “Soliloquy of Chaos”
  29. Kid Dynomite “Uphill Piece of Mine” (sampled in “I’m the Man”)
  30. Gang Starr feat. Lil Dap and Jeru the Damaja “I’m the Man”
  31. The O’Jays “When the World’s at Peace” (sampled in “I’m the Man”)
  32. Schoolly D “P.S.K What Does It Mean?” [Loop] (sampled in “I’m the Man”)
  33. Cannonball Adderley “Leo: Rosebud” [Extract] (sampled in “I’m the Man”)
  34. Charles Mingus “II B.S.” (sampled in “I’m the Man”)
  35. Skull Snaps “It’s a New Day” [Loop] (sampled in “Take It Personal”)
  36. Brand Nubian “Step to the Rear” [Extract] (sampled in “Take It Personal”)
  37. Gang Starr “Take It Personal”
  38. The J.B.’s “Gimme Some More” [Loop] (sampled in “Much Too Much (Mack a Mill)”)
  39. Gang Starr “Much Too Much (Mack a Mill)”
  40. Gang Starr “The Illest Brother”
  41. James Brown “Funky Drummer” [Loop] (sampled in “The Illest Brother”)
  42. Eric B. & Rakim “Eric B. Is President” [Extract] (sampled in “The Illest Brother”)
  43. Richard Pryor “Prison” (sampled in “The Illest Brother”)

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