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Steppin' Heavy Mix Series #2: Electro Freaks

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Steppin' Heavy Mix Series #2: Electro Freaks
Steppin' Heavy Mix Series #2: Electro Freaks

    For the second instalment of Induce’s Steppin’ Heavy Mix Series, we are excited to share Electro Freaks : an all-vinyl, original-pressings only, live mix of “Electro Funk and Beyond.”

    In his own words:

    “With this sister mix to Boogie Bangers, I wanted to showcase not just Electro Funk aka Modern Funk aka Electro Boogie, but basically the various niche genres that fall under the umbrella of what was happening at the time that also include Disco Rap, Garage House, and whatever doesn’t fit nicely under the Disco and Boogie labels. Even some R&B cuts like the Mac Thornhill and the unreleased Dez (Prince & The Revolution) record exist somewhere between Boogie and Electro Funk, but can’t be pinned down to either.”


    1. Affinity – "Don’t Go Away" (Mango) 1983
    2. Plunky & Oneness Of Juju – "Jackpot" (N.A.M.E. Records) 1983
    3. The Brothers Supreme – "We Can’t Be Held Back" (Street Talk Records) 1985
    4. Double Vision – "Clock On The Wall" (Profile Records) 1984
    5. James Cobbin & Prime Cut – "Caught In The Middle" (Tuckwood Records) 1984
    6. Love Club – "Hot Summer Nights' (West End) 1983
    7. Sha-Lor – "I’m In Love" (Gertie Records) 1988
    8. Formula V – "Killer Groove I" (Write On Records) 1983
    9. Jamie Jupitor – "Computer Power" (Egyptian Empire Records) 1985
    10. Free Style – "Are You Lost" (Music Specialists Records) 1984
    11. Lonnie Love – "Young Ladies" (Profile Records) 1981
    12. Mac Thornhill – "Make Life Worth Living" (Savoir Faire Records) 1983
    13. Yvette Cason – "Cash Play" (Beantown Music) 1983
    14. Hit Man – "Computer Game Blues" (Philly World Records) 1982
    15. Dez Dickerson – "Modernaire" [Previously Unreleased] (Citinite Records) 2008


    Stay tuned for the next mix, and find more from Induce here: