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Wax Poetics & Sonos Radio present Music Made Us

Music Made Us

Music Made Us—the new show from Wax Poetics and Sonos Radio—takes listeners on an 8-stop journey across the United States, exploring how music’s influence helped shape and build the unique character of each locale.

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Hosted by Wax Poetics Editor Andrew “Monk-One” Mason, each episode focuses on a different city, with a local artist or DJ acting as our guide, taking listeners through what the city’s musical history means to them, how it influenced their life and career, and ultimately how music helped shape the qualities of the city itself.

In each show you’ll hear personal stories from the artists, plus their hand-selected music chosen to give you an insider’s view of the city's sounds.

Wax Poetics & Sonos present Music Made Us
Wax Poetics & Sonos present Music Made Us

How to listen

Got a Sonos speaker in your house? You can just tune in to Sound System, Sonos’ signature station, over the weekend (Fri-Sun) and the new episode will be the first thing to play.

Alternatively, you can listen to the show anytime you’d like, on any device, for free over on Sonos' MixCloud page here.


Episode 1 - Danny Krivit / New York City - Live Friday, June 10

Episode 2 - Waajeed / Detroit - Live Friday, June 24

Episode 3 - Soul Sister / New Orleans - Live Friday, July 8

Episode 4 - Rahaan / Chicago - Live Friday, July 22

Episode 5 - Sonrisita / Los Angeles - Live Friday, August 5

Episode 6 - Jubilee / Miami - Live Friday, August 19

Episode 7 - Karizma / Baltimore - Live Friday, September 2

Episode 8 - Jazzy Jeff / Philadelphia - Live Friday, September 16

Episode 1

Episode 1: Danny Krivit explores New York City

In this first episode—a one-off, two-hour special—we speak to native New Yorker Danny Krivit, an integral part of the New York DJ scene over the past 30 years who’s renowned for his meticulous re-edits and transcendent DJ sets.

In the first half we talk to Danny about the changes he’s seen in the city over the years, and what it means to be a DJ from New York City. In the second half we get a very special, classic New York-style mix from Danny himself.

Discover the show here.

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Episode 2

Episode 2: Waajeed explores Detroit

In this second episode of the series we head to Detroit and speak to veteran producer and DJ, Waajeed. Waajeed is also the director of the newly formed Underground Music Academy, a Detroit-based school whose mission it is to build future leaders of electronic music through education and mentorship.

In the first half of the show, Waajeed and our host, Wax Poetics Editor Andrew Mason, explore the true meaning of Techno and its Detroit origins, and just how deeply the essence of the city of Detroit has influenced the world-changing music it has produced. The show wraps up with Waajeed's genre-spanning selection of tunes that illustrate the classic Detroit sound.

Discover the show here.

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About Sonos Soundsystem

Designed to broaden your sonic horizons, Sonos’ signature station of original programming highlights new music from emerging artists, forgotten hits, and deep cuts from the archives alongside inspirational stories and historical context.

Sonos Sound System is also home to ongoing shows and podcasts that illuminate the stories behind the music—with Music Made Us being the latest addition. All show episodes are available to stream on demand from the Sonos Sound System Archive in the app, on Mixcloud, and Sonos’ own music discovery platform radio.sonos.com

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