Issue 45 (Detroit Techno / Bohannon)


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The Dance Issue / Detroit Techno / Bohannon / Tom Moulton / Ron Hardy

Electronic Enigma


The myths and messages of Detroit techno

Future Rhythms


Bohannon set the stage for modern dance music by keeping four on the floor

Beat Doctor

Tom Moulton’s extended disco remix forever changed recorded music

House of Revolution

Ron Hardy’s radical Music Box mixes and edits defined a new sound in dance music

Chief Rocker

Adapted from the forthcoming book “Chief Rocker: The Soul of Frankie Crocker and the Battle for the FM Dial”

The Art of Percussion

Konk shook up New York’s downtown scene with rhythm for the clubs

Extraplanetary Citizen

Wally Badarou’s genre-defying synth work united worlds of sound

Diva Unveiled

Jocelyn Brown is the powerful voice behind countless disco classics

Indomitable Thump

Underground Resistance protects the high-tech heartbeat of Detroit

The Record Players

New book traces the history of the DJ firsthand

Floating Points

Dance producer stretches out with live ensemble

In Memoriam

Teena Marie 1956-2010

Sonia Pottinger 1931-2010


Cecile Grier, Edgar Winter, Venus Gang, Walter Steding and the Dragon People, First Choice

Analog Out

The history of the DJ mixer and the legacy of Bozak


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