Issue 11


  • Maker’s Mark DJ Numark
  • The Mighty Imperials Roots from the Stoops
  • Unknown Funk Hero An Interview with Rickey Calloway
  • Still a Free Soul Saxophonist and Composer John Klemmer
  • Once and Future Curator Eyejammie Gallery Owner Bill Adler
  • Cover Culture CTI Art Director Bob Ciano
  • Man Made Hip-Hop’s Godfather Afrika Bambaataa
  • On the Blackhand Side Uncle Remus Wore Platforms, the Story of Coonskin
  • Academic Archive Volume IX The Future of Collecting
  • Charles Wright Soul Singer and Funk Guitarist and All-Around Legend of this Music Game
  • Man of Few Words Jimmy McGriff
  • I Know a Place Memphis; interviews with William Bell, Deanie Parker, Al Bell, Isaac Hayes, Bettye Berger and Calvin Newborn
  • The Living Word Wattstax Part Two
  • The Chosen Few The Chosen Few

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