Issue 17


Some fans say that Jay Dee was the greatest hip-hop producer ever. Wax Poetics speaks in-depth with Jay’s peers and delves deep into his magical, musical life. With our first split-cover, we also honor hip-hop production masters, Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad. Hank Shocklee & Co. take us back to the days of noise and controversy—hip-hop style.

  • re:Discovery Atorie, Fantasy Three, Genius Productions, Section 25, TWR Production
  • In Memoriam: Gordon Parks (1912-2006)
  • The Name Game Tanya Morgan is a Hip-Hop Group
  • Up North Trip The Untold Saga of J Rock’s Streetwize
  • Funky Vows Thes One’s Matrimonial Mixtape
  • Blur of Sound Four Tet Selects Records From Across the Board
  • In the Trunk Bay Area Hip-Hop and the Rise of Hyphy
  • The Flyer King Buddy Esquire and the Art of the Show
  • Bomb the Suburbs Adelphi University Radio Station WBAU Put Strong Island on the Map
  • Academic Archive Volume XII The Soul of Hank Shocklee
  • 12×12 The Breaks: 12 B-boy Classics
  • Kool DJ Herc Vs. Pete DJ Jones One Night at the Executive Playhouse
  • Son of Detroit Jay Dee Remembered
  • With These Hands Life Lessons with Dilla
  • Louder Than Bombs An Oral History of the Bomb Squad, Public Enemy’s Production Machine
  • Audio Heritage: An Archival Perspective on Recorded Media Lacquer Discs (pt. 1 of 2)

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  1. I need this issue to pop up somewhere so I can buy it…

  2. are you guys gonna re-issue this again? cannot find it any where.:(

  3. Can we order this now?

    – Bobby carson
  4. Unfortunately, it’s sold out. We had a couple boxes for sale recently, but they went fast. eBay is your best bet.

    Wax Poetics
  5. R.I.P to Dilla.

  6. No chance for a reissue, huh? (Sigh)

    Lady E
  7. Will this issue be available as digital download like newer issues?

    – JVC
  8. It would be amazing if you made this available for sale as a digital download!

    – Z
  9. I have this issue. Anyone ?

    – Juliane

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