Issue 24


Mandrill was a beast. As a band, they devoured musical genres—chewed them up and spit out the bones, clacking out monster rhythms with the remains. They stood toe-to-toe with their brethren P-Funk and found solidarity in the changing musical world of the 1970s.

  • re:Discovery Rasa, Brainticket, Brief Encounter, Early B, The Advanced Workers with the Anti-Imperialist Singers
  • In Memoriam: Tony Scott (1921-2007)
  • Uncooked Symphonies Oh No Discovers Foreign Funk Close to Home
  • The Amen Brother The Chitlin Circuit Roots of Winstons Drummer G.C. Coleman
  • Orange Sunshine Hermon Hitson’s Psychedelic Soul
  • The Selecta DJ Andy Smith Explores Sound Options
  • The Program The Godfather of Soul’s Road Hustle
  • The Undisputed Leroy Burgess is the Crowned King of Boogie
  • Master of Ceremonies Introducing the Original Crowd Rocker Eddie Cheba
  • Measured Pulse How Kenton Nix Liberated the Dance Floor
  • Territory Roots Joe Sample Inherits a Unique Sonic Blend
  • Soul Bossa The Perpetually Fresh Fusion of Marcos Valle
  • Beast From the East Mandrill’s Musical Brew is Equal Parts Brooklyn and Motherland
  • La Vida Latina Larry Harlow’s Lifelonge Commitment to Salsa
  • Soul Survivor New Orleans’s DJ Soul Sister Preserves the Vinyl Tradition
  • Foreign Exchange The Transatlantic Soul of Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators

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