Issue 27


Our first issue of 2008 showcases a strong redesign. Hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash gets cover honors, but it’s the whole Furious Five who get the props inside. The late, great Eddie Harris is on our back cover; writer John Kruth fleshes out his story by speaking to those who worked with the saxman.

  • re:Discovery Opus Seven, Cornell Campbell, Casual-T, Marini, Karen Young
  • In Memoriam: Joel Dorn 1942-2007, Carlos “Patato” Valdes 1926-2007, Pimp C 1973-2007, Oscar Peterson 1925-2007, Tom Terrell 1950-2007
  • Border Crossing Brownout Traffics in Tejano Funk
  • Crate Moments in History Blue Note Digs Golden-Era Hip-Hop
  • Brass Reconstruction New Orleans’s Hot 8 are Second-Line Saviors
  • Thisisit Camp Lo Wants a Piece of the Action
  • Collective Vibrations L.A.’s Build an Ark Manifests Peace Through Music
  • Forbidden Fruits Castro’s Communist Cuba Proves Fertile Ground for Experimental Music Scene
  • The Strategist Fabled Soul Commander Mighty Hannibal Plays both Ends Against the Middle
  • The Outsider Varitone Visionary Eddie Harris’s Perpetual Search for the Edges
  • The Pinch Hitter Multi-instrumentalist Derf Reklaw Holds a Key Position in the Chicago Lineup
  • Digital Chemistry Newcleus is at the Center of the Electro Cosmos
  • Once Upon a Time in the Boogie Down Bronx Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Help Hip-Hop Get Props
  • The Washington Monument Chuck Brown Grounded Go-Go in the Call-and-Response of Chocolate City
  • What it Really is Cleveland’s S.O.U.L. Sets the Record Straight
  • Masterpiece Theatre American Jazz Legends Make Moving Pictures Abroad Jazz icons series

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