Issue 29


With bright colors for summer heat, Wax Poetics 29 blasts into the funky avant-garde with Herbie Hancock and his Mwandishi band, written by producer Kirk Degiorgio. Mark Skillz returns with another old-school hip-hop cover feature: Spoonie Gee lit up the streets with his tales of gritty realism.

  • re:Discovery Gregory Isaacs, Missy Dee & The Melody Crew, Compost, Mr. Complex, Primitive
  • Higher Ground Israeli Multi-Instrumentalist Kutiman Gets Inspired
  • Root Down Plantlife’s Jack Splash Cultivates Homegrown Formula for Success
  • Kindred Spirits Ocote Soul Sounds Fosters Folk Traditions
  • The Israelites Chicago Expats Bring Spiritual Soul to the Holy Land
  • Songs of Freedom The Musical Liberation of Funky Lagos
  • Ghost in the Machine Overshadowed Producer K-Def Makes Noise With His MPC
  • Primary Colors Back to Basics with Pete Rock
  • Mise-En-Scene The Cinematic Orchestra Sets the Mood With Sound Noir
  • True to Self Lee Fields Rediscovers New Ways to Make His Music
  • Leader of the Free World Jazzman Sam Rivers Helmed the New York Loft Scene and Charted a New Direction for Big Band
  • The Life of a Chameleon Composer and Jazz Pianist Lalo Schifrin Harmonizes with His Musical Surroundings
  • Journeys into Space Herbie Hancock and His Mwandishi Band Explored the Funky Outer Limits of the Avant-Garde
  • Street’s Disciple Spoonie Gee Delivered Some of Rap’s First Urban Sermons
  • Rhythm Revolution Saxophonist Cedric Brooks Weaves the Rebellious History of Jamaica Into His Music
  • Hip-hop Bound Freddy Fresh Produces the Encyclopedia of Rap Records
  • Nova Beat As Jackson Conti, Madlib and Mamao Craft Stellar Brazilian Record

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