Issue 3


  • Liberated Brother: Weldon Irvine
  • Academic Archive Volume 3: Transformative Fair use
  • The Poets of Rhythm Godfathers of Deepfunk
  • Fania Rising How to Build Your Own Label, Take on the Majors, and (Almost) Become One Yourself
  • Plug Tunin’ With Lalo Schifrin Records as picked by Lalo Schifrin
  • Great Minds Exposed Views From Both Sides of the Life
  • The First Prophet of Hip-Hop Dahveed Nelson
  • The Butter Funk Era A Magical Time of Cultural Upheaval and Glorious Technological Imperfection 1967-1976
  • Is a Record Like a Wheel? Photo Essay by B+
  • Re:Discovery Jimmy McGriff
  • 12×12
  • Diamond To Know Your Future is to Know Your Past
  • On the Blackhand Side Sidney Poitier: A Hollywood Portrait in Whyteface
  • Live and Lowdown With Marva Whitney
  • Real to Reel:Charlie Ahearn
  • Left-Field Americana: American private press LPs
  • Fire Corner Sounds Lift Up and Come Again: Sound Systems, King Tubby, and the Birth of Remix
  • Black Renaissance: Harry Whitaker

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  1. I’m desparately looking for a copy of this issue. Why? Because I’m an original Poets Of Rhythm member and would love to have that piece in my archive. Any hint would be appreciated!

  2. I have issue 3 for sale. contact me

    – nevdnev

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