Issue 37


Though far from an all-encompassing Michael Jackson tribute issue, we still had to show how much MJ meant to us. We go back to Indiana and explore his hometown, talk to the Mizells about the Corporation, and chat with songwriters that MJ paired with through the years. Also: Wah Wah Watson, Bertram Brown, Nicky Siano.

  • re:Discovery Jermaine Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, The Finger 5, The Jacksons, Charlie Chaplin
  • In Memoriam: Michael Jackson “The King of Pop” 1958-2009
  • The Mackrosoftt Ceremonies of sound from jazz-funk shaman
  • The Phenominal Handclap Band Brooklyn DJs-turned-producers forge rock-dance hybrid
  • Mayer Hawthorne Soul’s new breed kicks old-school Detroit harmonies
  • Illa J Detroit’s baby brother steps to the mic with help from another
  • Shawn Lee Prolific producer trades instruments for fundamentals
  • Lee Fields Soul veteran scores masterpiece with the help of Brooklyn’s sophisticated funk
  • The Emperor Machine Andy Meecham brings synth sophistication to the dance floor
  • Record Rundown DJ Frane basks in a garden of vinyl delights
  • Goin’ Back to Indiana The sun set on a former steel town as the first family of soul rose to fame
  • Well-Oiled Machine The Jacksons churned out hits with Motown’s Corporation
  • Going for Self With the help of hitmaker songwriters and producers, MJ charted his own destiny
  • The Transformation Filmmaker John Landis created a monster with Michael Jackson’s Thriller
  • Funky Vocab Wah Wah Watson spoke a new language with the rhythm guitar
  • Incorruptable Message Producer Bertram Brown kept righteous reggae alive in Greenwich Farm
  • In the Gallery New York DJ Nicky Siano made an art of mixing records
  • Analog Out Roland D-50: distinctive synth of MJ’s Bad Roland D-50
  • Converse 45 Series Worlds Of Jazz: 9dw “Black Coffee” b/w Mackrosoft “Vicoden Reality”

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