Issue 9


  • RJD2: Record Roots
  • Turn Up the Phonograph: Dante Ross
  • For the Love of Love Money The Untold Tale of an Underground Cult Classic
  • Memory Machines Turntablism’s Alternate Tradition Part II – History of the phonograph
  • Wayne McGhie & the Sounds of Joy Canadian Sound Heritage – Jamaica to Toronto
  • Elbow to Elbow The Roosevelt Hotel NYC Record Show
  • A Man and His Music, From Harlem, New York An Interview with International Latin Music Hall of Famer, Henry “Pucho” Brown
  • Academic Archive Volume Volume VIII Record Collecting in the Lost Provinces
  • Solid Soul Poppa Willie Mitchell
  • Player to Preacher A Chat with Al Green
  • I Know How to Get a Sound Joe Zawinul and His Electronic Sonics
  • The Joe Zawinul Selected Record Timeline 1966-1980
  • Carry That Weight Jazz & Soul Covers the Beatles

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