Gaby Hernandez

Listen to “Super Nova Lovers” by Gaby Hernandez; win an LP!

Los Angeles singer Gaby Hernandez has once again teamed up with longtime partner and musical collaborator Carlos Niño for her new album, Spirit Reflection (Analog Burners)….

August 31st, 2016 | | Contests/New Releases
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EYESPY Soundsystem (and the preservation of Brooklyn’s vibe)

  The first time I stepped into the underground joint Cameo—the venue for the speakeasy event known amongst Brooklyn’s peak black set as EYESPY—I thought…

August 29th, 2016 | | Guest Blog

XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster drop new video, “The Boys Are Back”

  Modern-funk devotees XL Middleton and Eddy Funkster—cofounders of MoFunk Records—have teamed up for a self-titled long player. They’ve just dropped their new single and…

August 24th, 2016 | | Videos
The Frightnrs

Daptone reggae act Frightnrs debut new track “Purple”

  The Frightnrs shouldn’t be this good. A bunch of twenty-somethings from decidedly un-hip Queens playing reggae and not a Jamaican among them? Thankfully, there…

August 23rd, 2016 | | Tracks
Young Gun Silver Fox
Terry Reid

Terry Reid passed on Led Zeppelin to follow his own path

Terry Reid passed on the opportunity to become the front man of Led Zeppelin—instead introducing Robert Plant to Jimmy Page. His choice to carry on as a solo act never paid off with the heights of fame and fortune of his musical pals, yet he recorded two soulful folk-rock masterpieces and has become known as an artist’s artist, championed by many of the greats as the genuine article.

August 22nd, 2016 | | Articles
Photography by Jabari Jacobs

Poised to Strike: Anderson .Paak

  Uno: Yes Lawd! Meet Anderson .Paak, the man of the moment and a name to keep in mind. Born Brandon Paak Anderson and formerly…

August 22nd, 2016 | | Articles

Cypress Hill 25th Anniversary Mixtape

“Our style was everything that we were about on our block,” says Muggs, reminiscing about the group’s earliest days. “We sold weed, we hung out,…

August 16th, 2016 | | Mixtape
Loose Ends 'Zagora'

Loose Ends singer Jane Eugene and producer Nick Martinelli talk about 1986’s Zagora

By the mid-’80s, Jane Eugene, Steve Nichol, and Carl McIntosh—collectively known as Loose Ends—established themselves as a formidable R&B group on both sides of the…

August 15th, 2016 | | Articles
DK PRESS - 1978

Danny Krivit’s top-ten 45s

DJ veteran and dance-music edit king Danny Krivit is celebrating his 45th year of DJing by playing an all-45s set this Thursday in Brooklyn. As…

August 15th, 2016 | | Record Rundown
K&G cover

Kon releases new compilation Kon and the Gang (BBE)

Boston native Kon seems to cast his line into the murkiest of musical waters, emerging with a great catch every time. Gaining notoriety as one…

August 15th, 2016 | | New Releases
Young Gun Silver Fox

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